CMP Users Group - Proceedings

May 2009
Topic: CMP Consumables Development, Challenges and Fundamentals

Fundamental Study of Interfacial Phenomena and Modeling for CMP Consumables Design (1.5MB pdf)
- Kihyun Park*, Boumyoung Park, Seungchoun Choi*, Sungmin Park, and David Dornfeld, UC Berkeley

Opportunities and Challenges in Developing a Low Defectivity Pad Platform (1MB pdf)
- Rajeev Bajaj*, S. Hymes, N. Vaduri, and S. Fisher, Semiquest

Understanding Stress, Chemistry and Molecular Diffusion for Optimizing CMP of ULK Dielectrics (2.2MB pdf)
- Reinhardt Dauskardt, Stanford University

Effects of Ring Design on CMP Process Stability and Slurry Usage (884k pdf)
- Christopher Wargo, Entegris

The Design Features of Ultimate Diamond Disks (UDD): W CMP with In-Situ Dressing of Metal Free Diamond Disks (9.7MB pdf)
- Michael Sung*, Advanced Diamond; James C. Sung, Shao-Chung Hu, Wei Huang, Cheng-Shiang Chou, Chih-Chung Chou, and Yang-Liang Pai, Kinik

MIID: Preventing Contaminating Cross Connections in Semiconductor Process Tools (1.3MB pdf)
- Peter M. Pozniak, Malema

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