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NCCAVS Joint Users Group Technical Symposium (CMPUG, JTG, PAG, TFUG)

Topic: Materials, Devices, and Systems for Intelligent Engineering Solutions
in conjunction with NCCAVS 37th Annual Equipment Exhibition and 5th Annual Student Poster Session (Still time to exhibit, Exhibit Registration - Exhibit at the NCCAVS 37th Annual Vacuum Equipment Exhibition)

Date: February 24, 2016
Time: 10:00AM - 7PM


Location: Holiday Inn San Jose - Silicon Valley
1350 N. First Street
San Jose, California 95112

Advance Registration: Attend the NCCAVS Joint User Group Symposium and Equipment Exhibit

Agilent Technologies
UC Components
Kurt J. Lesker Company

10:00AM: Introduction and Welcome

10:05AM: Ray Zinn (Keynote), "Lessons Learned After 52 Years in the Semiconductor Industry"

10:55AM: Duane Bingaman (Kurt J. Lesker Company), "Advances in Thin Film Technology"

11:30AM: Markus Arendt (Suss Microtec), "Use of Excimer laser ablation for Patterning and Structuring"

12:05PM: Lunch and book signing by Ray Zinn, author of "Tough Things First"; Founder and former CEO of Micrel Corporation (In Exhibit Hall)

1:30PM: Andre Anders (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), "Non-Evaporative Getters (NEG) Coatings for Ultrahigh Vacuum Applications"

2:05PM: Donald McClure (Acuity Consulting and Training), "Growth of Oxide Layers on Vacuum Deposited Metal Thin Films"

2:40PM: Min Hwan Lee (UC Merced), "Atomic Layer Deposition for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"

3:15PM: Coffee Break

3:30PM: Sang Lee (Intermolecular), "Finding Customized Materials for New Device Needs"

4:05PM: Ernest Demaray and Adam Lambert (Antropy Inc.), "Nearly Perfect Coupling of light to a Waveguide for Transmission, Conversion or Storage; 3D Nanometer scale, Finite Difference, Finite Time Thin Film Results"

4:40PM: Student Oral Presentations

5:30PM to 7PM: Student Poster Session (In Exhibit Hall

Planning Committee:
Michael Oye (Chair, Technical Symposium),
Chris Malocsay (Exhibit Chair),
Cesar Clavero (Past Chair)
Rachel Major (Student Sessions Chair)
Gene Davis (CMP)
Susan Felch (JTG)
Lucia Feng (PAG)
Zoran Misetic (TFUG)
Kamatchi Subramanian (PAG)
Sing-Pin Tay (TFUG)
Dave Webb (Executive Committee)
Paul Werbaneth (TFUG)

All presentations will be requested to be posted on the user group Proceedings webpage.

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