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Plasma Applications Group - Announcements

NCCAVS Joint Users Group Technical Symposium
Novel Materials, Processes, and Devices for Future Generation Electronics
Hosted by: CMPUG, JTG, PAG and TFUG

Holiday Inn San Jose
1350 N. First Street
San Jose, CA
Thursday, February 23, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

***FREE TO ATTEND; Parking Validation***

Platinum Sponsors:

Held in conjunction with the NCCAVS 38th Annual Equipment Exhibition
and 6th Annual Student Poster Session

Exhibit Sponsors:

UC Comp

Chair: Susan Felch,
Past Chair: Michael Oye,
Exhibit Chair: Chris Malocsay,
Poster Session Chair: Rachel Major,
CMPUG: David Hansen, Kapila Wijekoon
JTG: Michael Current
PAG: Lucia Feng, Kamatchi Subramanian
TFUG: Cesar Clavero, Zoran Misetic, Sing-Pin Tay, Paul Werbaneth, Kapila Wijekoon

Session I - Kam Subramanian/Sing-Pin Tay

10:00-10:05am Introduction and Welcome, Susan Felch
10:05-10:55am David Graves, UC Berkeley, "Mechanisms of Plasma Therapy" (Plenary Talk)
10:55-11:30am Vincent Battaglia, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, "Processing of Li-ion Electrodes"
11:30am-12:05pm Ernest Demaray, Demaray LLC, "Large-Scale, Thin-Film Battery"
12:05-1:30pm Lunch (visit Exhibit Hall)

Session II - Cesar Clavero/Michael Oye
1:30-2:05pm Jeff Hebb, Kateeva, "Inkjet Printing for Manufacturing of Flexible and Large-Size OLEDs"
2:05-2:40pm Jin-Woo Han, NASA Ames Research Center, "Sustainable Electronics"
2:40-3:15pm Larry Chen, Intermolecular, "Rapid Materials and Device Innovation for Non-Volatile Memory Applications"

3:15-3:30pm Break

Session III - Paul Werbaneth/Michael Current
3:30-4:05pm Paul Besser, Lam Research, "BEOL Interconnect Innovations for Improving Performance"
4:05-4:40pm Theresa Guarini, AMAT, "Novel Oxidation and Nitridation Techniques for Semiconductor Applications"
4:40-5:15pm Thomas R. Albrecht, Molecular Vista, Inc., “Nanoscale Chemical Imaging & Topography with Photo-induced Force Microscopy"

Poster Session - Rachel Major
Judges: Michael Current, Susan Felch, and Wenonah Vercoutere

5:15-6:45pm Student Poster Session
David Fryauf, UCSC, "Performance of silver mirrors protected with evaporated anti-oxidation layers and ALD aluminum oxide barrier overlayers”
Ana Kareh, UCSC, “Synthesis and characterization of three cationic, isoreticular layered materials based on neodymium and α,ω-alkanedisulfonates”
Sanjana Das, UNLV, “Nanotechnology for Water-Less Cleaning of Solar Panels"
Derek Popple, UCSC, "Removal of Oxyanion Pollutants via Cationic Transition Metal Coordination Polymers"
Amit Kc, UCSC, "Growth, Structural and Dielectric Study of NaMnF3 Thin Films on SrTiO3"
Harlan Wiitala, Oak Grove High School, "Innovative Thermal Regulation Device for Small Satellites Using a Phase-Changing Substance"
Juan Diaz Leon, UCSC, "Study of thin film oxidation kinetics using a combination of simulations and advanced characterization"
Renee Sully, UCSC, "Size and Ligand Effects on Optoelectronic Properties of Germanium Quantum Dots"
Ahsan Habib, UCSC, "Subwavelength Thick Electroplasmonic Modulator for Super Thin Displays"
Imran Hossain, UCSC, "Band-Gap Free Photovoltaics and Hot Electron Plasmonics"
Hoaian Dang, Oak Grove High School, "Deployable Device for High Surface Area Array"

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