Laptop and PC Sales Have Spiked Due To WFH and Online Education

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, all IT companies and a few manufacturing companies are working from home. Earlier, everyone used systems at the workplace and many did not own a laptop too. However, now employees are looking for secured laptops to complete everyday tasks at home. This has become a major necessity for employees. Companies are worried about secured networks and are opting for VPN and RDP. This is functioning quite well given the situation. So the number of professionals looking for personal laptops and PC has increased drastically. Companies are also sending personal desktop devices to employee’s homes.


School going children, aspirants preparing for competitive exams, and college students are now shifting to online education. This, on the other hand, has introduced them to learning on PC and laptops. These are more convenient than mobile phones and tablets. Also, the internet connection on laptops or PC is uninterrupted. This also enables them to access online content quickly. They are attending online exams and tests to develop themselves. These devices are the best for scheduling daily classes and attending them without disturbances.

Spike in the laptop, PC sales 

This has definitely spiked the sales of laptops and PC. People are looking for options to suit their needs. Another reason is that everyone in a home will require a personal device.

Students cannot depend upon parents to attend classes or write tests. This is encouraging laptop manufacturers to introduce new options like parent control, small-sized devices, and more. WFH has become the new normal and this may continue for a while now. So employees are looking for promising features in devices. Durability, uninterrupted connection, security are few of the many features they consider. This has increased the production of laptops, PC on a large scale in many countries.

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